I need your help!



I will move old magazines from Docdoid.net to Google Drive. It is big job and it need to lot of time so be patient, please!

After it I will upload the new magazines (missing 2021 and 2022).


I don’t know how to start it. My aim is to collect all of motorsports magazine (or most of them) and I would like a webpage to them. (My other aim is to collect all full race video and lot of documentary video from motorsports and create a website them but it is an other story…) Until now on this site approximately 5000 piece magazine are available. If I have free time my plan to upload more magazine. Lots of missing from this year. I upload all magazine to drocdroid.net and after I embed here. Two years ago when I started upload the magazine to drocdroid.net I subscribed to Pro membership. If you are Pro member your documents will not be deleted. If you have Free membership, your documents which has no view in 60 days, it will be deleted. Two years ago the Pro membership costs 5$ monthly. Last year the price raised to 11$. I said “Ok, it is not much to me yet, but it is double then one year before… :/ ” In the days I got an email that, the price raise to 24$ (19$+VAT)! Now it is too expensive to me in every month. I have to pay every year the web storage (10GB) and domain name for approximately 70$. I work in public administration so the payment is not high (Yeah, it is my problem why work here…)

So boys and girls I ask for your helps. Can someone say a good site which is alternative of docdroid.net? It would be great, I can upload more then 5000 pdf file, it will never been deleted. I can easily embed or create links to the magazines. It cost maximum 11$ monthly. I am waiting the advices here below in comments or in email.
An other way is the donation and the easiest to me. I pay the docdroid.net Pro membership monthly and webstorage and domain yearly from the donations. I don’t have to upload the magazines to an other site and embed again them. It would be HUGE work!

Now I switch my docdroid.net account from Pro to Free membership and it is possible you will not be able to read more and more magazines. 🙁 Thank you to read the full text and thank you if you can help me!

Love Motorsports!
MrAutosportfan.com owner

10 Responses to I need your help!

  1. Mr. Autosportfan says:

    How can I move the old magazines from docdroid.net to Google Drive easily?

  2. Guest says:

    mega.nz is one option, if you get a pro account, it can hold quite a lot. free accounts are 20gb but can make multiple accs

  3. Paul says:

    Upload everything on Archive.org

  4. Scott says:

    Put all of them on a Google Drive or similar

    • Mr. Autosportfan says:

      How can I move the old magazines from docdroid.net to Google Drive easily?

  5. Jose says:

    Hello, may I please ask you why you dissabled downloading the magazines as PDF on DocDroid? Thank you

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